Junk came from a poor family living in a swamp. Where that swamp was, he'll never say. Perhaps he isn't certain. One thing is certain, swamp folk is good folk.

Junk started singing in church at the age of 5. At age 10 he made a guitar out of a broom and old fishing line. Junk lied about his age and found work at a local steel mill at the age of 15. After 3 years of saving money Junk bought his first real guitar and headed to Chicago. Junk has played with all the greats. Junk never wanted fame, nor did he need money. All Junk wanted to do is sing the blues and at the age of 73 is still doing so.

On a personal note:
"I was out with a friend who had seen Junk. I'm not really a fan of the blues but she persuaded me to come and see this old man that she couldn't stop talking about. When we walked in to this crappy little Chicago bar, I thought I was in for just another boring night. By the end of the night, I couldn't believe what I had heard. The problem wasn't that I wasn't a blues fan, the problem was that I had never heard the blues before. It's an honor and a privilege to first off, be able to hear Junk perform. But the real honor comes from being able to record one of the great ones."

Lucas J. Lorbiecki
Laidback Manor Productions