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Remember, we are here to teach relaxation.
 We've all become accustomed to this fast paced world, so you may find that during the beginning you feel uncomfortable. It takes a while to settle into relaxation. This is a natural response. Our suggestion is to ease into the journey and make sure to stay with it until it is complete.  As you adjust to the pace throughout your journey, you will gradually be able to shift into determining a fast or slow speed in the future without feeling awkward or uncomfortable with it.  You have not yet been taught how to change activity levels.
Laidback Manor will help give you this control.


It has been a while friends.
Have you ever watched a duck swim by? The duck seems to move effortlessly across the water however underneath the water the feet of that same duck are paddling like mad to propel it forward on it's journey.
Everyone here is no different then anyone in the mild mannered Anatidae family. There will be changes to both our site and our roster in the very near future. We'll make sure to keep everyone involved as the changes occur.
In the meantime get ready to get sweaty with everyone's favorite cattlebilly rockers!!!

2012 Is shaping up to be the year of bigger things.
Check out the teaser for the soon to be released Swamphead featuring
our very own Machine Gun Joe.

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